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 Virtual Arduino Curriculum


24 sessions

Electronic concepts

Students develop and test fully functional android apps on their smart phone. They will learn about the UI components.

Building Circuits

Basic Interfacing with Circuits

Coding Concepts

Integrating Scratch

Using IF, For, While, etc


What is a sensor,

Different types of sensors

Building projects using Sensors

Simulate and test circuits using tinkercad

Variables, Procedures

Introduces to the programming concepts of procedures, variables, randomness, and basic algorithms as seen in apps..

Simulating Circuits

List of Circuits

Understanding microcontrollers, especially Arduino . creating our first circuit and learn basics of electrical engineering. 

Create own traffic light system and how they are programmed to control the flow of traffic.

How electric motors work and will create a servo motor circuit that automates opening and closing the doors or windows.

What is a sensor and will make an alarm system that will inform us when the burglar entered house.

Parking-Sensor-Simulation using flashing leds, sounds and distance sensor

Night Light Simulation with LDR and push switch.

Creating and displaying characters using an LCD

Make a Smart Home Project which provides automating the ability to control items around the house.

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