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Python Curriculum

Basic Level - 24 sessions

The basics

  • Get used to typing and syntax and learn the basics of Python.


  • Learn to use variables to store information

Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples

  • Learn how to use Lists and Tuples

Working with strings

  • Character Data

  • String Functions

Conditional Logic

  • Logical Expressions

  • The “if” Statement

  • Logical Operators

  • More Complex Expressions

Loops & patterns

  • Recognize patterns and use a "for" loop to solve problems.

  • Conditional Loops using while loops

Numeric & Date functions

  • Dates and Times

  • Random Numbers

  • The Math Library


  • Writing and Calling Functions

  • Function Inputs and Outputs

  • Local and Global Scope

Advance Level - 24 sessions

Python Classes

  • Thinking about Objects

  • Class Variables and Methods

Using the Turtle Tool

  • Discover how to draw and graph with turtle graphics.


  • Use Tkinter to build GUI apps.

Game Design & DYNAMICS

  • Learn about game loops, win/loss conditions, and keeping score in Python.


  • Build real world applications, by connecting with the databases

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