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Macro or Nano, Humanoid or Dronoid, these robots are about to become our future.

How many times do you believe a robot has influenced your life in the last week?

You could argue that robots have had no significant impact on your life. But you're mistaken.

If you eat rice, you can bet that each grain was sorted by a robotic machine using a super-fast vision system.

Rice-sorting machines are technological marvels that most people are unaware of. Did you really believe that rice develops as consistently (in colour and shape) as it appears in the grocery bag? It isn't the case.

Every grain of rice is processed by a robotic system with high-speed cameras, lights, and a computer. Each rice grain's image is analysed by the computer, and a grade determination is made. To direct or flick the grain into the designated bin, air jets are turned on and off. Hundreds of times every second, this occurs.

In fact, rice isn't the only food that robots sort, and the industry for food sorting is fast expanding. Wheat, pulses, and seeds may all be sorted using robotic machinery.

There are also plenty of other ways that robots are likely to have influenced your life.

The point is that the often-mentioned "upcoming robot revolution" is already underway.



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