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Is cloud data stored on the cloud or Earth?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Cloud computing is all about storing and retrieving your data from your own little area on the Internet. Nothing is stored on your local hard drive and it is accessible from any location, any device and at any time.

If that all sounds a little far-fetched, think about an email service you are already using e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud etc. None of those emails you send and receive is actually taking up space on your local hard drive, they are stored on the email providers’ servers: this is a form of cloud computing.

To expand on this example, keep in mind that you can log in and access your emails from any computer, laptop, or smartphone. The cloud is the only thing that makes this conceivable.

Many consumers are unaware that, although being kept in the "cloud," their data must still be physically stored on a device. Organisations who provide this service must have massive servers dedicated to storing your data. These locations are commonly referred to as "server farms," or data centres and they are essentially large warehouses loaded with servers that are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1. There are around 5, 09,147 data centres in the world and the total area it acquires is 28,58,31,541 sq ft. nearly that is equivalent to 5,955 football fields.

2. Some data centres, especially modern ones are built to withstand 200+mph (321 kph) winds, 9.0 earthquakes, and sustained external fire. Here is a solid piece of advice: In case of zombie apocalypse, get to a data centre.

3. Most data centres use water cooling. WATER to cool a giant room full of electronics. Data centres are cooled with cooling fluids and Air conditioners that leaves around 17% carbon footprint.

4. Microsoft is testing an underwater data centre which will be quite interesting experiment .

Project Natick — A research project to determine the feasibility of subsea data centres, it seeks to understand the benefits and difficulties in deploying subsea data centres worldwide.



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