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Alexa, Turn on the lights!

Wakeup” scene that opens the curtains, gradually raise the lighting over five minutes and sets the temperature to your preferred level. The coffee maker will start getting your morning cup ready. You go for a nice, quick shower that turns on automatically and adjusts itself to your preference. Your music player knows your taste in music and will start playing tunes. Your TV will play the news you are interested. You go outside, and the solar panels have your electric car ready, fully charged. Smart home automation is no longer a thing of imagination.

Home Automation, often referred to as “Smart Home Technology”, is the use of technology to automate your home. Home automation allows you to control almost every aspect of your home through the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of technological devices that are connected to the internet, for example, smart bulbs that you can easily turn on and off via an app/ voice control/ scheduled time or events. Therefore, IoT directly refers to technological devices connected to the internet. Whereas, home automation is all the things that you can do with these devices to make your life convenient and reduce human activities.

  • Lights: With smart bulbs, we could change their color, dim them, set them onto schedules. With the touch of an “All Off” button, all of the lights in your entire home turn off.

  • Locks: Smart locks definitely upped our home’s security. They locked automatically as soon as we exited the home, but if we needed to let someone in when we weren’t home, we could either unlock them through the app. With smart security cameras, residents can monitor their homes when they are away or on vacation. Smart motion sensors are also able to identify the difference between residents, visitors, pets, etc

  • Kitchen appliances of all sorts are available, including smart coffee makers that can brew a fresh cup automatically at a programmed time; smart refrigerators that keep track of expiration dates, make shopping lists or even create recipes based on ingredients currently on hand

The future belongs to technology. Children who are exposed to technology from an early age will be more prepared to face the challenges of adulthood. Home automation will become an integral part of our daily lives in the future and there is a great need for our kids to learn and understand it.




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