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Lego Wedo Curriculum


60 Sessions

Explore Phase

Students connect to a scientific question or an engineering problem,


Establish a line of inquiry


Consider possible solutions.

Create Phase

Students build, program, and modify a LEGO® model.


Projects can be one of three types: investigate, design solutions, and use models.

Students present and explain their solutions using their LEGO models 

Document their findings with the integrated Documentation tool.

Share Phase


  • Pulling Robot (Friction)

  • Speed Race Car

  • Pulleys and Gears

  • Robust Structures

  • Frog's Metamorphosis

  • Plants and Pollinators

  • Prevent Flooding

  • Drop and Rescue

  • Sort and Recycle

  • Rovers

  • Grabbing Objects

  • Volcano Alert

  • Send Messages

  • Remote control cars

  • Crane

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