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 App Inventor Curriculum

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Basic Level - 24 sessions

Creating Apps

Students develop and test fully functional android apps on their smart phone. They will learn about the UI components.

Conditions, Loops

Discover the programming concepts of conditionals, lists, iteration and how to use this information while building apps.

Variables, Procedures

Introduces to the programming concepts of procedures, variables, randomness, and basic algorithms as seen in apps..

Advanced Level - 24 sessions


Introduces the idea of persistence and how to use various sensors like (Accelerometer, Pedometer, etc)

Publishing Apps on Playstore

Teaches them how to publish the apps they created on the playstore

Database & API

Introduces Database and how to use CloudDB and TinyDB and how to access information from the web using API

List of Apps

  • Text to Speech

  • Calculator

  • Using speech recognizer to send messages and emails

  • Translator

  • Doodling App

  • Image Recognizers, Face Recognition(Machine Learning)

  • Quiz app

  • Pedometer to calculate walking steps and distance

  • Games using Accelerometer sensor

  • Pizza billing App

  • ToDo list with alarm (using Tiny Db)

  • Image Recogniser, Face Recognition(Machine Learning)

  • Chat app, Book Review, Pictionary ( using CloudDb)

  • Fruit Ninja, Hangman, Cherry scratcher, Mole mash, Space Invaders, Wheel of fortune, Simon Says

  • Browser(using API to get info from web)

  • Maps and Location Sensor

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