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Future Bots Coding Class

Loganathan, USA
(Dad of Nila, Grade 6)

We love future bots as they challenge my child enough to feed  her love for learning. I dont have to tell  her to get ready for class which is the case for most classes. Thank you future bots for nurturing  her crtitical thinking and logical reasoning side

Future Bots Coding Class

Yasothara, Oman
(Mom of Tanvi , Grade 2)

My daughter Tanvi has been attending future bots kids coding classes for the past year and a half and i must say its the best decision we ever made. They are truly invested in Tanvi's learning and adjustments are made to suit the needs of the student.

Future Bots Coding Class

Nandita, India
(Mom of Harshvardan, Grade 2)

Personal care is given to each and every child and this has enabled them to gain confidence in their learning abilities. So grateful to futurebots and to preetha for being such a fantastic teacher

Future Bots Coding Class

Vindya, UAE
(Mom of Akrithi ,Grade 6)

My daughter is learning coding from future bots and I must say she is doing great. Very good and new initiative by them which can improve kids logical reasoning and can be very beneficial for them in future.

Future Bots Coding Class

Rishaan, Singapore
(Student Grade 4)

We spent hours creating amazing apps, and I enjoyed every bit of it.